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Is Bitcoin Shortage Beneficial for Cryptocurrency Investors?

Is Bitcoin Shortage Beneficial for Cryptocurrency Investors? Let’s Find out

Crypto investors may be seeing good times at the front as a possible Bitcoin shortage may be of immense benefit to them. Given the political drama gradually unfolding in the United States, the country’s Federal Reserve is printing money excessively. The effect is that other assets’ prices are continually increasing, and that’s a welcome development for crypto investors.

One of the assets that have seen an increase in recent times is BTC. To say that the hike in prices is stunning is a complete understatement. Many tech companies are pushing money into Bitcoin, which has helped the currency record a hike in value.

As investment pours in, Bitcoin price spikes

According to the latest findings, companies like Cash App and PayPal are on a frenzy to buy up all the newly-issued bitcoins. The community believes that if more companies join the race to mop up Bitcoin, the supply will become unbalanced. So, to achieve a balance between demand and supply, there’ll be an inevitable price increase.

There’s no doubt that increasing the cryptocurrency price is the next phase to expect in the community. Investors should be ecstatic about this. But the problem is that investors who don’t have millions to buy crypto may not have the opportunity to invest.

From what Pantera Capital shared, there’ll likely be no bitcoin to buy very soon. But experts in the crypto space argue that those who have the crypto will sell it very soon. According to Crypto Nerds co-founder, what we see now is a temporary BTC holding that will quickly stop.  

Bitcoin buying possibility

Research from Chainalysis indicates that bitcoin is only available in the hands of those who have acquired it now. So, no one can know the amount available for investors unless they decide to sell it or even trade it.

The percentage of bitcoin in illiquid wallets shows big investors buy the available coins and sit back watching as the value increases. According to reports, 77% of total bitcoin mined are in the hands of these big buyers.   

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