DeFi Exchanges

Here are a few of our top picks for anyone looking to get involved in the DeFi market right now.


One of the most well known and most used exchanges in the space, Uniswap offers instant exchange between practically any two assets to its users.

  • No native token
  • 0.3% trading fees
  • Flash swaps possible


Another big player in the space, dYdX is a permissionless exchange that allows users to leverage their Ether to trade with margin capabilities. Founded in 2017, backed by venture capital.

  • 5 x leverage on Ether and 10x leverage on Bitcoin Futures available
  • Spot market, gasless swapping available via of-chain capabilities
  • 0.15-0.3% trading fees

kyber swap

One of the fastest growing DEX in the space, Kyber Swap is the exchange protocol created by the Kyber network. Kyber itself is an on chain liquidity protocol that allows for no intermediary exchange.

  • Deep liquidity
  • Widely used in the space
  • 0,3% fees (of which a share is available to reserve managers)