Aave is a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol where users can participate as depositors or borrowers. Depositors provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while borrowers are able to borrow in an overcollateralized (perpetually) or undercollateralized (one-block liquidity) fashion.

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This one is a lending platform built on the bZx protocol. The platform offers tokenized lending as well as decentralized margin trading and is non-custodial, meaning users keep control of their own keys.

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BlockFi is a pretty well known company in the space, having grown substantially over the last 12 months. The platform offers lending facilities as well as savings, interest and trading to its users.

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Compound is one of the biggest names in this space. The company’s platform allows users to lend and borrow across a selection of the more well established tokens like Ether, DAI and USDT, as well as offering exposure to many of the less well known assets.

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This one is a decentralized exchange (we also featured it in our DEX review section) that offers permissionless lending to its users, as well as provides a selection of assets availabe to trade on margin.

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The first company to really take a position in the space, Maker is a lending platform and is known for creating the first decentralized stablecoin – DAI. It’s Ethereum built and has the biggest userbase of any platform in the industry.

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